It’s time to “go corporate.”

It’s time to “go corporate.”

Corporate art market can provide opportunities for entrepreneurial artists. It is an avenue for artists to gain visibility, grow business, and sell art at high prices. This market also offers a chance for a broad audience to discover an artist’s work in waiting rooms, hotels, hospitals, and boardrooms. Companies also benefit from having fine art as a topic of discussion and an exhibition of their support for the arts, thereby strengthening their bond with the art community.

Thinking locally is a great approach when targeting the corporate art market. Artists should take inventory of art institutions in their city and inquire about the individuals responsible for selecting art. Local architects and interior designers are great connections to build relationships with as well. Professionals suggest approaching transactions in a business-to-business mindset and avoiding deals or trades that undervalue the artwork.

Professionalism is essential in dealing with businesses directly. Artists should have their website and inventory up-to-date that contains essential details about each piece. This includes size, availability, and cost breakdowns for originals and prints. It also pays to anticipate additional inquiries regarding maintenance, custom alterations, and hanging.

Artists should consider their audience when planning strategies and should always make sure their art is suitable for the company’s aesthetic and environment. Working with an art consultant can also help artists close corporate art deals. This consultant can connect artists, collectors, and corporations, and handle the details of the transaction, such as payment, transportation, and insurance.

Starting this venture and landing corporate deals may take time, but the value of effort is worth it. Building a contact list, organizing inventory, and using an inventory management tool like Artwork Archive can streamline the entire process of communication, negotiation, and closing the deal.